'Boutique 'French Boodles' and 'Bordoodles'!

Breeding loyal, placid natured and low shedding 'French Boodles' and 'Bordoodles' in a family environment!
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What is A Bordoodle?

This is hands down my FAVORITE of ALL POODLES Mixes!!! This is a combination of the 
two most intelligent breed of dogs. This combination produces dogs that are 
highly intelligent, athletic, loving, intuitive, and beautiful! Their coats are 
normally VERY LOW to non shedding and usually keep the big soft 
shiny curls. So they cater for the hypo allergenic buyers of my puppies who want a more non allergenic breed. They are wonderful with children, are naturally well behaved, 
even tempered, VERY easy to train and adaptable to almost any living situation. 
It is a very people oriented breed and they LOVE to be wherever their family is! 
It really is the BEST of the Doodle 
 Border Doodle litters can solid black puppies, black puppies with variations of white, sable, red/brown, brown/tan and black/tan puppies 
General adult weight range Females: 45-50 lbs. Males: 50-60 lbs.  
These weights are approximate- occasionally there will be puppies that mature larger or smaller than expected. :)


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